Thursday, May 7, 2009

Martin's Produce Sale

I've been getting some great deals lately and loving it. Nothing makes me feel like I'm doing to my part to make our family "work" more than getting great deals. Last week I went Target and got over $20 worth of products for $6.04. Later today I am headed to CVS to get boxes of cereal for next to nothing. But what has me really excited is this...

Sorry the picture quality is so bad. It is next to impossible to photograph anything in my kitchen b/c of the sunlight. Maybe this will help you get an idea...

Okay, so just in case you can't tell what you are looking at...
10 ears of corn
1 3/4 lbs. of asparagus
2 2/3 lbs. of tomatoes
10 lbs. of apples
3 lbs. of onions
2 heads of lettuce
4 bunches of broccoli
9 lbs. of bananas
2 pineapples
6 pounds of strawberries
and one teeny tiny little of carrots and one teeny tiny little bag of apple slices (both of which were free with coupon)

Anyone wanna guess how much I spent??? Come on, you know you wanna...


Martin's is running an Elkhart County only produce sale today. The place was packed out and there were NO shopping carts but by golly, it was worth it.

Be watching my blog for recipes and things I make with all my produce from today. I plan to chronicle my "freezer adventure" here and hope to give you, my readers, some ideas.

Today has been a great day. Good deals, sipping sweet tea, and I get to be mom and wife to these 3 rockin' dudes...


Anonymous said...

you should update the name.. no longer just little boy world and also you now have a girl!